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Journals – Types Of

This is a photo of my very first Diary/Journal.  During most of my life I have kept a journal of one type or another. So I have become familiar with  different sorts of Journals/ diaries/etc.  So I would just like to go through a few of the different types of journals/ diaries that I am aware of and have kept at one time or another.

Most of use are familiar with the daily diary/ journal type of record keeping.  The  type where you sit down every day and write about what you did and or where you went.  Sometimes you may add how you feel about something you did or some person you like or met on that day.  Most of us start out writing our journals that way.  As we grow older we tend to look back on what we wrote when we were younger and wonder why we wrote the things that  we did.  We tend to think that what we wrote when we were young was pretty petty and not so important.  But the thing is it was important to us then and our experiences then form the basis of about how we feel about things and how we approach our lives now.

One of the benefits of keeping your early diaries/journals is that both we and our families and maybe our descendants can see how we have changed and dealt with the experiences of our lives

As we grow older the way we keep our journals/diaries and what we include in them changes.  As we grow older we tend to include more on what is happening around us and that may include events happening both nationally or on a global scale. And not just what we are involved in or what is happening to us.

The type of  journal/ diary that you write is entirely up to you.  Most Journals are written for a purpose, or a particular reason.  Here I would just like to go through a few different types that may give you an idea as to what style or type of diary that you want you to use.

Daily Journals  The most   of journals, and the type as children or first time users we keep. As we grow older and change the sort of things we include in it. It may become a weekly journal if we lose our enthusiasm for making daily entries.

Appointment/Business Diary  Kept mainly by business people to record their appointments and daily business activities.

Day Journal  Usually a record of daily financial transactions, kept by accountants and those responsible for recording financial transactions.

Photo Journal  This can be a collection of Photo’s relating to activities or places that individuals or families may be involved in or with. Photo’s will be either labeled or captioned. Sometimes done in the form of a scrapbook.  It forms a visual record of an individual’s or families’ life.


Audio/ Visual Journal  Similar to the above photo journal but with video and sound.  But may be also just an audio commentary (spoken commentary.

These are a few of the different types of journals/diaries that I am familiar with.  I am sure that there are other types that I am unaware of or haven’t yet the occassion to use.  At present I use 2 of the types that I have mentioned here.  I have used the business/ appointment diary format in previous years.  But at the moment i use the daily type and also keep a photo record of my activities both personal and family activities.