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If you have English ancestors, then this is an ideal site for you to use. I have been a member of this site for a number of years now and I have found it a great help for both mine & my wife’s genealogy/ family history.  And over the years I have watched it grow and develop in both size and features.


While this website has many of the features you would expect from a family history website. One of the features that I find very useful is the Hot Match feature. When you upload or input your family tree into the site it matches the information with other trees on the site and gives you a list of those that match the closest with your information so that you can contact the tree owner and check the information.

Another thing I like about it is the subscription costs. They have 3 levels of subscription, free, standard member and Platinum member.  In both standard and platinum subscriptions you can either get a 6 or 12 month membership, and in platinum you can also get a monthly payment plan. It goes with out saying that the longer the membership you take out the cheaper it costs. Below is a chart that gives an idea of what you get for standard & platinum membership.  With platinum you also get access to military records from WW1 & WW2

Membership    Features Platinum Standard
View trees of   over 13 million Genes Reunited members  •
Contact members   who share your ancestors to discover your family history  •  •
Join the Genes   Reunited community to ask for genealogy tips and advice  •  •
Victorian   Census Records from 1841-1901 (England, Wales and Scotland)  •
Birth Marriage   and Deaths from 1837-2004 (England and Wales)  •
The complete   1911 census for England and Wales – See your ancestor’s own handwriting!  •
Non indexed   Birth and Marriage records from 1837-1983 (England and Wales)  •
50 free   credits to access all of our records  •

(from Genesreunitied subscription page)

They also have a pay as you go feature which enables you to purchase credits to veiw their records (50-200 credits) but give you no access to member’s trees or forums.

In the last 12 months they have added 2 new features to the site.  These are Keepsafe:- a place to save photo’s and other documents.  I have not used this myself as yet but I can see the benefits of it.  I wish they had had it a few years ago. As I would still have copies of some photo’s that I had on my hard drive of my computer that were lost due to hard drive crashes & computer viruses.

One in particular is really missed.  A cousin of my wife had sent us a digital copy of a photo via email, of my wifes great grandfather who had served in the british airforce during WW1, standing in front of a Botha bomber which he and others had built on the base during the war.  We have since tried to get another copy of this photo but without success.

Relatives:-  In this section of the site you have a place where you can store   information on family and other relatives and also attach the information to your relative in your family tree on the site.

Recently they have also added Scottish cencus records.  The records are from 1841 – 1901. From Genesreunited news page we have this:-

“If you are a Platinum member then you get unlimited access to the Scottish records as part of your subscription. If you use pay-per-view credits they are just 5 credits each view. We have both individual and household transcriptions. We do not have copies of actual census images.”


The one big disadvantage I see with this website is that it is only for those who have English ancestors.  But having said that they do a great job and I think that while they may have considered broadening their database to include European records, their main focus is on English ancestry.  And the records that are available for family history/genealogy.


In conclusion I will state as I did at the beginning this is an excellent site for those of us who have English, Scottish & Irish ancestry.  It is in my opinion reasonably priced and offers a lot of benefits for the family historian, both in researching and the preservation of our family history. As you will see from the discoveries I made while researching  for this reveiw They are very committed to family history, and I plan on reviewng a few more of their sites in the near future.

Research Discoveries

In my research for this review I found that  is owned and operated by Brightsolid Online Publishing.  To visit their homepage click here ( ).   If you look on Brightsolid’s homepage they state that their gaol is essentially to preserve both family history information and general history.  Brightsolid is in turn owned by DC Thomson publishers.

Brightsolid also operate the following websites:- ; ;; ; ; ; Brightsolid also hosts the site