Merging in P.A.F.

Recently I was forced to get myself a notebook laptop computer as my desktop computer had bit the dust, so to speak.  So I copied over my paf files  to the laptop from the hard drive of the desktop. After borrowing a cradle to put my old hard drive in. Now after getting the laptop setup and running and tranferring the Paf files over I found that I couldn’t access the most recent Paf file on the laptop and I still haven’t worked out why that is so.  So I was forced to import some older gedcom files that i had onto the laptop. Now when you import a gedcom file it is my understanding that the program automatically merges the incoming material with the older material.  Or so it seems as when you import gedcom files it asks you if you want to merge the files with the file that is then in use.

But I discovered that this merge is not as automatic as it seems when you answer yes to the question.  I found that when i was looking at the entries on my database that there were for the majority of entries that there were double and triple entries for the same person. Now I  am going through the database and merging them manually. With over 14k entries it is going to take a while to get to the end. At the time of this writing I have just started to merge the “C ‘s”


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