Family History, My Obsession

As I mentioned previous, I have a strong interest in family history. As such a couple of years back my family suggested to me that I use the knowledge I have gained over the years to start a business in researching other people’s ancestors  for them and I also teach others how to research and the best ways & the best sources for doing the same.  while most of my experience has been with Australian sources and in particular New South Wales.  Most of what I have learned about research and sources that may be available are applicable in most countries of the world.

Late last year I decided to also open an online store so that those who needed stuff for their research can have an easier way of getting the things they feel they need to help them in their search. For example an easier source for manuals on “how to”, guidelines and of course resource books full of the information you need to get the info you want or need to find that elusive ancestor. The site is still in the process of developement I am trying to refine it and make it better than what it is at the moment. The site is called “Finding the Past” and the web address is . But please excuse the fact that it is rather incomplete at the moment and some things may just seem to be a repeat of other pages.

That is all for now i have more to say later


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